Care and Use | The Big Board


Wood is an incredible natural material that is naturally antimicrobial, and expands and contracts with moisture and humidity. Regular regimented care of this product will protect it for years to come.


Hand Wash with warm, soapy water after each use and dry thoroughly with a towel—fully drying is very important. Never soak or submerge in water, run in a dishwasher, or use in a microwave. Placing hot pots or pans on your board can result in a lasting burn mark. Store flat when possible to avoid warping.


This product arrives to you with a hard finish applied. This finish should protect the wood from expansion and contraction over time—but, without proper care, warping and cracking can occur.



American Maple is a forgiving hardwood—and has the ability to withstand a lifetime of use. Grain variation is to be expected in your product.