About Cyndi and Meg

Cyndi and Meg Kane
Welcome to the House of Hyacinth. We're Cyndi and Meg, mom and daughter, and let me tell you about our retail journey. My retail life way back in the Pleistocene Era in a little store on Main Street of Pawhuska, Oklahoma, before the dawn of the internet when we still wrote out sales tickets by hand. I eventually sold it and began homeschooling my kids, but I have always had a “side hustle.” 
My next retail caper began when I helped Meg open her own mini boutique beginning at age 12. Then my red-headed friend Ree, the Pioneer Woman, needed some help when she launched the Mercantile. Then I met my friend Carissa from CC + Mike Creative, and I helped her launch her online boutique. Carissa opened my eyes to the world of Instagram, and I realized how many women are hustling to build businesses - incredible! 
So, here I am with the House of Hyacinth. For now, I am just offering my own signature House of Hyacinth line of jewelry. In the future, though, I want to partner with Instagrammers so they can sell their own collections here. This endeavor encompasses everything I love: envisioning new frontiers of business, helping women launch their own businesses, and being a conduit for women to bring their talents and hustle to a wider audience. Oh, and perhaps best of all - the vehicle for all this is JEWELRY - playful, inexpensive, trendy jewelry that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Let’s have some fun together, shall we?!?
Peace be with you,
Cyndi (aka Hyacinth) and Meg